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Urban Views Weekly celebrates and explores the lives, work, celebrations, and leisure of the African American community of Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding region. We strive to raise the profiles of the many people who make Richmond a vibrant source and exchange of the very best that life offers. Urban Views Weekly publishes each week and is distributed throughout the Greater Richmond area. Our Website features extended content, polls, contests, and more. Where can I get copies of Urban Views Weekly? More than 200 locations in the Greater Richmond area offer Urban Views Weekly. It’s delivered each Wednesday to boxes and racks throughout the area, as well as to select retailers and restaurants. To suggest a location or request that your business carry Urban Views Weekly, please email us at publisher@urbanviewsweekly.com How can I get my news in Urban Views Weekly? Urban Views Weekly is always on the lookout for stories and individuals who demonstrate something that makes readers and residents want to look more deeply. We welcome your ideas. Please contact the editor@urbanviewsweekly.com Where do I send my letter? Urban Views Weekly encourages feedback, suggestions, criticism, and praise. Send your thoughts to editor@urbanviewsweekly.com How do I submit my event to your events calendar? Urban Views Weekly strives to present a comprehensive calendar of events for local businesses, community organizations, educational institutions, and religious organizations. We encourage complete submissions about upcoming events. Please e-mail calendar@urbanviewsweekly.com with: Name Phone Number Email As well as the following: Organization Event Name Event Date Event Start Time Event recurring? Explain: 1st Monday each month, every Wednesday, etc. Event Description Venue address, City, State Zip Cost When submitting your organization’s events and meetings to the Urban Views Weekly Events Calendar, please remember: Urban Views Weekly welcomes the listing of special events that are open to the community. We reserve the right to limit the number of for-profit events that are primarily sales-oriented. We reserve the right to edit any listing. Events submitted without required information, including contact information, will not be listed. Sponsors are solely responsible for their own submissions, including but not limited to issues of fact, libel and any copyrighted material. Urban Views Weekly reserves the right to suspend calendar privileges to any group or individual who violates these guidelines.

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6802 Paragon Place
Suite 410
Richmond, Virginia 23230
United States

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  • Urban Views Weekly leads the way as the foremost authority on lifestyle, events, and trends enjoyed by black consumers. Education, finance, and entrepreneurship. The best careers and networking. Club life – local and distant.
  • Hot travel destinations by land or sea. The best restaurants and the finest attire. If it’s hot and happening, we want our readers to see the urban view.


Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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