The Desner Group, LLC


The Desner Group, LLC is a small international consulting firm focusing on energy, climate change, science, and technology policy for both pubic and private sectors clients. The firm, established in 2009, offers expertise based upon over 30 years of professional experience in designing and managing of projects on complex energy systems, developing science and technology policy, conducting technology assessments, and designing and analyzing climate change policy. The Desner Group offers high quality services to clients in the following areas: Policy Review and Analysis – offers systemic review of federal laws and policy concerning energy, climate change, science, and technology; of international treaties concerning climate change; and of key countries’ policies concerning energy, climate change, and technology development. Technology Assessment – provides technical assessment of technologies and their likelihood of achieving full deployment status. Strategic Planning – develops strategic plans after a thorough situational analysis. Scientific Research – ensures scientific research results are properly transmitted to policy and decision makers. Project Management – develops proper project management structure and systems to manage small- and large-scale research and development projects. Oversight – provides independent review and oversight of small and large-scale technical operations for both public and private sectors.


520 N Street, SW
Washington, District of Columbia 20024
United States

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