LNS 4 Hair


LnS4Hair is comprised of over 30 years of collective expertise in hair extensions, weaves, hair coloring and healthy hair care for their elite clientele. The company was founded in 2014 by two expert and buddying celebrity stylists, Lacy Fields and Sekia Holmes. While both were admiring each other’s passion for healthy hair care and the “Perfect” installs. After the two discussed there passions and what they set as personal goals to offer the the hair industry, they decided to start a joint business venture. ​ Using the initials from their name was simple. The ladies wanted a little more depth as to what Lacy & Sekia planned to offer to the hair industry to set them apart. Luxurious & Sophisticated was the ONLY way to explain the type of Premium High Quality Extentsions from a professional stylists perspective that only LnS4Hair has to offer.


9171 Central Avenue
Washington, Maryland 20743
United States

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