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The Problem: 60% of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are directly tied to the uncovered medical expenses that follow a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. 80% of those bankrupted patients were covered with health insurance. As the rates of critical illnesses and the costs for treatment continue to rise, more financial protection is needed for today’s American families to safeguard against financial disaster. The Solution: Life and Annuity Wealth Systems’s Living Benefits allow the policyholder to accelerate much-needed money from their life insurance policy’s death benefit in the case of a critical, chronic, or terminal Illness. This feature allows them to bridge the gap that health insurance does not cover, and protects them from the epidemic of medical bankruptcy that has become so commonplace in America today. Our Mission: To eradicate the epidemic of medical bankruptcy by empowering our clients through education. Many clients have a false sense of security regarding what their health insurance will cover in the case of an illness; others don’t know that Living Benefits exist to help them bridge that gap! At Life and Annuity Wealth Systems, we aim to inform and educate America about these unforeseen risks and how they can be mitigated, one client at a time. For over decades, the principals of Life and Annuity Wealth Systems, LLC (LAWS) have provided thousands of people from all walks of life the opportunity of entrepreneurship with its benefits of time and financial freedom. However, in today’s world of corporate and market insecurities, the Agent Entrepreneurs need a solid place to stand for their clients and for their team. LAWS facilitates just that with access to training, support, mentoring, and unparalleled income opportunities and rewards. Whatever your background, LAWS has the roadmap to success that will empower you to take control of your future and begin living the life you’ve always wanted.


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