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ABOUT CLEAR FLOW ENVIRONMENTAL LLC ​ Experienced Septic Contractors Clear Flow Environmental LLC is licensed and insured with experienced Septic contractor on every job! Clear Flow Environmental is a family owned and operated company based in Orlando, Fl. The founder Shaun Breedlove was born in Orlando and has worked in the industry for over 11 years. During his time working with other septic companies he excelled with the ability to solve most issues at a minimal cost. The only problem with this is, the companies he worked with charged the customers 4 or 5 times the actual cost, paying the technician pennies on the dollar and pocketing the rest. That’s when he made the decision to open his own septic company with the intentions of providing excellent customer service, quality work at a reasonable price. ​​He started with Clear-Flow LLC (The Grease Guy) until he received the septic license. Clear Flow Environmental then gathered a team of the best technicians and plumbers in the area, paid them what they were worth and still managed to keep the price below the competitors. Clear Flow Environmental has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective resolutions to any commercial or residential plumbing, septic, lift station and lint trap issues. GUARANTEED Quality service at an affordable rate. Clear Flow Environmental has experienced and trained specialist on every job. Septic tank pumping and our Drain field experts will fix the problem! OUR MISSION​ Experience You Can Trust Clear Flow Environmental will be there in a timely manner to fix any septic problem that may come up at the best price… GUARANTEED!!! Often, more than one area of expertise is required with environmental waste and disposal. With Clear Flow Environmental, there is no need to stress. Septic tank pumping and our Drain field experts will fix the problem! We can handle it all! DEDICATED AND LOYAL CUSTOMER SERVICE We offer 24 hour emergency service as well as same day appointments. There is not a problem we can't fix! WE TREAT YOU AND YOUR TIME WITH RESPECT Whether you’re getting a scheduled pump out or you have an emergency problem, you can rest assured that we are going to fix your problem. We are committed to providing you with top notch septic and drain field knowledge and service. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. Septic tank pumping and our Drain field experts will fix the problem! BIO​FORCE Clear Flow Environmental has a specialized enzyme treatment that restores the balance in your Septic Tank System. Our treatment contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest household waste. By adding bioFORCE, you restore the delicate balance of beneficial bacterial and enzymes that are needed to help keep your system operating at full efficiency. When your septic system becomes immeasurably clogged, blocked, or backed up, Clear Flow Environmental is on hand—and professionally trained—to perform septic system cleaning services. There are countless septic systems across Orlando, FL that are backed up, and even more that have the potential to encounter similar problems. The question is whether you'll be prepared. DON'T WAIT TO TAKE ACTION In order to avoid the damage and unpleasantness of a septic system backup or breakdown, septic system pumping is absolutely necessary when things have gotten out of control. Don’t wait until the last minute to call a septic contractor for help. WE PUSH PREVENTION At Clear Flow Environmental, we say that homeowners shouldn’t just wait for big problems like septic system clogs to hire us for septic system pumping. In fact, regular maintenance can help prevent the failures and backups that lead to some of the more gnarly experiences a homeowner will ever have. So what are you waiting for? Call us for septic tank pumping and keep your septic system running smoothly.


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