Ase Water


100% Pure Alkaline Spring Water ph 7.8 Absolutely no chemicals added ! We pride ourselves in being a premium bottled water company, we are NOT a $5 per case cheap solution for water. We are the Rolls Royce of bottled water. For those familiar with thermal water , this is the water Dr. Sebi spoke about, it comes out of the ground hot, collecting many essential minerals for the body. Sourced from the Internationally know Berkely Springs of West Virginia, many famous people enjoy bathing in the spas there for healthier skin and hair. Do not be fooled by higher ph levels, Ase Water is completely natural, higher ph levels have added chemicals to the water resulting in side affects. We do not add anything or chemicals to the water. Enjoy the BEST tasting water on the planet !!! Ase’


155 Potomac Passage
Maryland 20745
United States

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