You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are!

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June 02, 2017 By Denise Walker


Have you paid attention to the harmful ingredients in your skin care products?  Marla and Tezra, founders of Marla Rene Luxe Skin Care, have changed the game! These two African American women have created several natural skin care products with African American women in mind.

Marla Rene came face to face with destiny during a very difficult time in her life,. While caring for her cancer stricken mother, she began to research the ingredients of products that her mom was using. She was shocked by her findings.

“The ingredients in many well-known products are harmful.” stated Marla.  Marla began to study the European skin care due to their high standards. A cosmetic chemist in England helped them to hone in on their skills and master the formulating process. Trying their created formulas out on one another, Marla and Tezra worked with tenacity to make a quality product for African American women.  Marla Rene Luxe Skin Care was then birthed in 2013.

There is not a day that goes by that they don’t think about quitting. However, quitting is never an option. They push forward by God’s grace and by focusing on helping African American women to walk in their natural beauty with healthy skin.

We strive to empower women to take control of their beauty. We also want to empower women with the benefits of natural skin products,” the owners explained. “Our products are effective and get results.”  “Each batch is made with love.”

Marla and Tezra have participated in many events, one being the Southern Women Trade Show in Richmond, Virginia. Between 8000-10,000 people attend this yearly event in one weekend. Their bestselling product is the Hydro Cleanse 2 Honey Cleanser. They get their honey locally from a bee keeper in Richmond. The base of the formula is honey. It works well with people that have issues with their skin.

“With YOU as our #1 ingredient, our hearts and souls go into every stir, mix and pour.”

“We revamp the formula as needed after research and being educated about changes in the industry.”

Marla and Tezra plan to expand and grow by getting a few of their products ECO certified and by going through the wholesale process. Their greatest satisfaction is hearing their customer’s testimonies and their continuous return for their products.

Are you ready to fire your dermatologist now? Go to the Marla Rene Luxe Skin Care website below to get started. Their life-changing products will assist you in that area. You will also save on co-pays and expensive prescriptions.

We take care of our bodies through monthly gym memberships and eating healthy. Why not put the same effort into caring for our skin naturally?

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Written by

Denise Walker