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October 31, 2018 By Katandra Shanel Jackson is the Largest Black Business Directory in the World!

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” - Bill Gates.

We live in an ever-growing digital age.  The way that we communicate with the world should be digital as well.  The consumer market can be confusing and a bit tricky to navigate.  Winning Strategies specializes in mobile as well as web design, thus making it easier for customers to identify with the company’s brand with which they are attempting to connect.  

“I stumbled into telecommunications really.  I wanted to relocate to Northern California from Southern California,” noted Cynthia Mackey.  Based out of Oakland, California, Winning Strategies is providing a worldwide service that is much needed by companies and much appreciated by consumers; digital marketing solutions.  A former adjunct professor at Golden State University, Cynthia Mackey’s area of chosen expertise is concentrated in various communication arenas.  The engineering graduate holds a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering (USC), a MS in Telecommunication Management (Golden State University) and an Executive Education certificate (Duke University).

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“Pacific Bell, (acquired by AT&T), was the only company that offered a job along with moving expenses. They also offered the ability to do a variety of job titles under "one roof" in terms of a company. As I worked in the company, the Internet, as a consumer offering was being developed. I was fascinated by all of the digital services and so I obtained a web administration certificate and pursued a MS in Telecommunications to learn as much as I could,” said Mackey.

“It wasn't what I had in mind initially either. However, teaching small businesses owners via the Alameda County Small Business Development Center opened my eyes. We regularly had sign ups of 60 - 80 people per class-for over 6 years! I realized that business owners are just overwhelmed with tech,” expressed Mackey. 

“I also noted that it was rare to have African Americans in my class. With my technical sales and product marketing background, I decided to focus on helping small businesses increase their brand and grow their sales. I am constantly dreaming up ways to help them,” said Mackey.  “In this way, I feel I am meeting two personal goals of mine, to bridge the digital divide via Economic Empowerment. I am proud to say that I have succeeded with many.”  Statistics have recorded that well designed websites receive more traffic and prompts a specific call to action.  Mackey believes in the effectiveness of digital marketing, especially when the design has been well planned and implemented. 

Not only does Winning Strategies offer digital marketing solutions, but they offer a host of online events to further aide their clients.  Mobile marketing workshops and an insightful ‘Boost Holiday Sales’ workshop are thoughtful and timely offerings.  “Marketing plants the seeds so sales can pick the flowers,” expressed Cynthia Mackey.  



“Each digital marketing solution is tailored to fit the need of the client. Our costs are based on the amount of labor and how sophisticated the website is.  At this stage we are comfortable building anything. Our job is to make potential clients comfortable with us”, stated Mackey.  The company is currently in the process of introducing a new product that will help African Americans and other people of color, establish an online presence.  The new product will entail a startup price and monthly fees for maintenance and management of the website.   

The beauty of this digital revolution that we’ve found ourselves thrust in, is that much of the services companies require to connect with the consumer market can be assessed from the comforts of wherever you operate business.  Be it home, a small office or a large corporation, the California based telecommunications specialist delivers a service that is bound to become a high-demand commodity with the passing of time. Let’s fill that village with the hum of two-way communication. Let the conversation begin with what is best designed for you!

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Written by

Katandra Shanel Jackson