What Do You Do When Your Boss Blocks Your Promotion?

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May 19, 2017 By Written by Angie BEE

When this Central Florida family resolved that their concrete company was not to survive a busy hurricane season, something had to be done!  “You can’t pour concrete when the ground is wet!” chuckled owner Dale Pressley.  “Yes, our company had planned for downtimes, but this time we needed to make a change”.

After all savings were exhausted, the patriarch of this entrepreneurial family came to the conclusion that he should go back to work to support their growing family.  He found a job listing and made an appointment to complete the application and hence return to the workforce.  He was informed that there was room for growth within the corporation and although he had no experience within the septic industry, Pressley was determined to learn and to contribute not only to his family finances but to the growth of his new employer as well.

It wasn’t until he completed his application and left the building that he turned, checked the address on the door and realized that he had gone to the wrong address.  “This situation must have been ordained by a higher power because I don’t even know if that company was hiring or not!” but they did, in fact hire Pressley for the job he applied for. 

“I’ve never been one that settled!  I looked ahead and pushed ahead.  There was always this uneasy feeling that there was more that was required of me” states Pressley.  After successfully completing training and performing his duties with a spirit of excellence, he began to consider other positions within the company that he would be able to fill.  Always keeping in mind that, upon application to this company he was informed that there was room for growth and so he initially applied to create a sales position for the company.  The company did not have a sales team and he noticed that a sales person would benefit all parties financially! While waiting for a response to his inquiry, the husband of another employee was hired and Pressley was assigned to train him to fill the position that he had recommended. 

Green Pastures Septic Service

Pressley felt good about the company he worked for because the owner was a Christian and the Pastor of a local church.  Although he may have wanted to quit his job after enduring this insult, Pressley’s lifestyle was to wait for the right time to move along.  His family continued to grow and his need for a larger salary increased, so he tucked aside the discouragement of training the inexperienced co-worker and inquired about another prospective position within the company.  This time the owner’s response was that there was no need to create that position; yet within a few months, Pressley found himself training another new co-worker with NO experience in septic work.  

This scenario repeated itself three or four times during Pressley’s time with the company!  Pressley would suggest that a position be created within the company and be told that the position was not necessary.  Then, while training the new inexperienced employee to fill the described position, Pressley would learn that the individual had come through the company owners’ congregation or a revival before landing the job that Pressley had suggested.  In one such case, the new employee had even relocated his family to the area after accepting the position that Pressley had described to the owner!


Pursuing a higher education can truly be an enlightening experience and after Pressley began attending classes as a local community college, he soon learned what he was experiencing was “discrimination”.  In each case, the new positions within the company were filled by congregants from the church that the company’s owner pastored.  The pastor of the congregation was Caucasian as well the afore-mentioned employees.  With this knowledge in hand, Pressley wrote a letter to the owner detailing his observations and concerns.  

When you listen to Pressley tell the details of his story, it almost sounds like a classic history lesson from the pages of the United States of America.  A man of faith, integrity and moral standards seeking to climb the corporate ladder in order to provide for his family, and being discriminated against by his employer.

Mr. Pressley had to get over the hump from employee to established business owner, while enduring discrimination.  As he was falling asleep one night, he was reminded that God was with him.  While at work one day, an opportunity was presented to him where he could become a certified State Inspector!  Not only a financial blessing for his family but a corporate plus for his employer.  While pursuing the information he needed to fill the State requirements, he was called in to the office of the owner.

“What is going on Dale?” the owner inquired.  “First, you leave me this letter detailing my hiring practices and then you are researching our company contracts that you have supervised.  I hope you remember that you signed a non-compete clause when you were hired.   Tell me, what is this all about?!”. 

Pressley’s response was civil, respectful and based upon his enduring faith.  “You are a Christian man” he replied “and I can’t tell you what is going on.  All I know is that I requesting that you release to me the information that I need so I can put in my two-weeks notice.  I have been informed that I have a case of discrimination against you”.  Reluctantly and shortly after, the owner of the company released Pressley’s requested documents, revoked the non-compete clause and Pressley was headed to State Certification and the launch of Green Pastures!

Green Pastures Septic Services does business with million-dollar home owners throughout affluent communities in Central Florida and they have successfully completed various commercial projects as well.  “The thing with septic is that it is and ‘Out-of-sight-Out-of-Mind situation” states Pressley.  “We always get calls throughout the holidays that homes are in crisis and if anything is going to go wrong with a septic system, it’s going to happen during the holidays!” 

Customers are encouraged to call ahead to be established on a preventative maintenance system to have their tank pumped out at least every three years, not to exceed four or five years.  Newer tanks in homes need to be cleaned at least once a year, just like the water filters in your home and oil filters in your car.  Regular maintenance is encouraged.  Major problems can occur without regular maintenance; hence creating undue financial deficit.  Typically, the cost for a routine maintenance is only $200-$275.  With the neglect of preventative maintenance customers can pay more than $600 for a cleaning and the expense of a drain-fill as well.

Through residential codes and statues over the years, septic tank regulations have increased the need for services now offered by Green Pastures.  “Just today, a returning customer from 2015 contacted us again to address a problem.  The customer felt that she needed her septic tank cleaned and was in a panic because of back-up.  We (Green Pastures) researched her last invoice and the services provided to her and informed her that she probably needed a simple filter cleaning, rather than a full tank pump-out”.  As a company of integrity, Green Pastures was able to save their customer considerable money by providing her the services that she NEEDED verses the service that she was requesting.  “When she called, I informed her that we could not get to her on the day of the crisis, but that if she called another company she needed to tell them that she needed her filter cleaned, which is a much more affordable process.  Her husband’s response was that he did not want anyone else touching their septic tank and they waited for Green Pastures to arrive and remedy the situation,” expressed Pressley.

That is the story of how he became a septic contractor and the owner of Green Pastures in Central Florida.  The company offers Septic Tank Pump-out, Drainfields, Line and Filter Cleanings, Grease Traps, Sump Pump Replacement, Real Estate and Septic Inspections and Septic Certifications for residential and commercial construction needs.

"Customers are treated with respect, with high morals and with an application of a strong faith in providing the service that they need.  This is something that I want people to know about me” states Pressley.

Green Pastures website, http://gpseptic.com/index.html is loaded with testimonials, “do’s and don’ts”, details of services and even a free septic guide.  Green Pastures has earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and offers discounts for seniors, widows and veterans.  

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