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May 04, 2018 By Angie BEE

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Christina Parker is passionate about entrepreneurship and education in which she is the founder of two for-profit organizations and one nonprofit organization. She has earned her Associates of Social Science, Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Masters of Management, Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology and Security Studies, and she is also earning her PhD in Technology Innovation- Information Systems. She is the founder of  Global 1 Consulting, LLC ,  Parker prides herself on providing innovative, business management services to start-up companies, non-profit organizations and seasoned entrepreneurs. With an array of services, clients can consult with Parker about anything from securing funding for non-profit organizations, the development of marketing plans and websites to implementing cyber security measures. Clients also have access to regular blog post, personalized business coaching, and monthly webinars.


So, why offer business management services? “Statistics show that about 92% of businesses fail within their first year, so our company strives to help businesses stay in business, while encouraging entrepreneurship,” said Parker.  Working directly with clients on their proposals is one of her favorite aspects about her company.  “Last year, I met a client at an event and worked with them to put a proposal together.  The client contacted me about three weeks later to inform me that he won his funding!  Seeing my clients win is so rewarding,” she exclaimed.


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Global 1 Consulting’s grant writing service is one of their premier services. There strategic planning and proven approach helps clients gain access to revenue that overwhelmingly supports their client needs. Parker noted that her company holds a 90% success rating for winning grant funding for clients.  Most notably, Parker highlighted that her “Grant writing service has been provided to a school in India where funding was granted to a non-profit.”


The firm’s information technology (IT) experience and expertise sets them apart from other like organizations. For Parker, IT services are about more than just tech support.  Of greater consequence, today, is ensuring that companies have a recovery plan and taking the necessary measures to avoid being hacked.  “We are different because we add a recovery plan aspect to our service.  We provide a backup and if a client’s website is hacked, we guarantee that their website is backed up within the same day,” said Parker. Although they offer mobile app development and cyber security services, Parker stated that “Most of our global clients secure our website services. Canadians are our biggest clients in terms of web development and professional blog writing.”


Of all of her business successes, Parker is most proud of the non-profit extension of Global 1 Consulting also known as Intellect Preparatory Academy, Inc. where Science Technology Engineering Arts Agriculture and Mathematics or STEAAM programs are provided to students in improvised neighborhoods either free or low-cost. Given all that’s going on in the world, “We place emphasis on the technology aspect now,” said Parker. She is also equally as passionate about her sister company, Parker's Boutique—an upscale online fashion boutique that reaches consumers in the United States, Africa and in Middle Eastern countries. Parker’s business savvy is definitely far-reaching and on the move.


To learn more about innovative solutions that will meet your business needs, visit to subscribe to their newsletter. You can also connect with Global 1 Consulting via their website’s chat feature or by telephone at (757) 610-4423 to setup an in-person or virtual consultation.  For direct sales email:


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