The New LINKEDIN of Africa

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March 16, 2017 By Denise Walker

“The future of Africa is in our hands to form lasting change. There will soon be African solutions to African challenges,” Kifle, CEO of Afrinection 

Have you ever considered the enormous possibilities of technological advancement? Over the last decade, we have witnessed progressive change for the betterment of society. Family members are able to connect all over the world. We now have the option to take online courses from various colleges and universities, and the face of business has transformed tremendously. New innovations are now affording businesses the opportunity to connect over continents. 

Afrinection is one amazing new company that has severed the distance barrier and is connecting entrepreneurs living on the continent of Africa with other business owners and investors all across the globe, hence the combination of the two words, Africa and connection.

Afrinection was launched in 2016 by Kifle of Ethiopia, and currently has about 150 registered members. “I believe in the power of the African entrepreneur and professional. The private sector is the driving force behind innovation, which eventually will lead to job growth,” states Kifle.


How did it all manifest?

Kifle’s background is in management consulting. For a little over a decade, he focused on business and IP strategy. He has always maintained an interest in professional networking as well as providing opportunities for individuals to realize their dreams. The idea of Afrinection manifested in 2014 after Kifle had attended Africa conferences across universities and colleges in the United States for about five years. Kifle recognized that there was no follow-up or platform for the individuals to connect with one another in those conferences. That was the missing link. Towards the end of 2014,  he began working on the platform which took about six months.”


What makes Afrinection so unique?

Although similar to other business platforms, Afrinection is in a league of its own. It contains multiple components. Its online portal consists of job searching, professional networking, and providing visibility to African owned businesses.

For example, individuals of African origin can experience personal interaction with each other and those of other nationalities through this platform. Also, prospective investors are able to invest in companies founded by Africans. Finally, it engages with businesses seeking to hire African talent both in Africa and abroad.

“It is a one-stop shop that helps businesses identify African talents,” says Kifle. “The businesses also have the opportunity to become advertising partners with us for a monthly subscription fee. They can promote their products and services on our site. Those traveling to Africa now have a resource to use when seeking locations to visit.”  

It’s like LinkedIn for African owned businesses.  Afrinection’s CEO, Kifle is soliciting angel funding to assist with getting the word out in 2017. The vision for this company is great! Kifle’s passion is revealed when he shares the vision with others. He continues to research for better enhancement. One fact that he references quite often is that Africa will have the largest working-age workforce in the world by 2050. “Therefore, Afrinection will work to offer limitless opportunities for these individuals. “The future of Africa is in our hands to form lasting change. There will soon be African solutions to African challenges,” Kifle shared with excitement.


Don’t miss out on such an incredible opportunity to be a part of a life-changing experience. Afrinection is bound for greatness! Will you partake?

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Written by

Denise Walker