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October 31, 2017 By USBC Directory Staff


Millions Two One is now "USBC Directory!" Through a venture with the US Black Chambers, Inc. along with the associated 123 Chambers and Millions Two One, LLC, the Largest Black Business Directory in the World, a partnership has been formed to create, USBC Directory. USBC Directory is the best way to find Black businesses in your local area and around the globe!  More than 100,000+ Black-businesses, USBC Directory gives users access to Black-owned businesses, Black organizations, Black news and Black entertainment in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands and in Africa.  Search our directory of Black-owned businesses to locate Soul Food, African American Museums, HBCUs, Black-Owned Banks, Black Hair Salons, Black Churches, Black Doctors and more near you! Use USBC Directory to support Black-owned businesses today and everyday!

Along with listing Black-owned businesses, USBC Directory writes, shares and promotes articles about great Black-owned businesses and organizations throughout their platform.  One of the most popular articles that was shared on USBC Directory's platform was ‘28 Year-Old Tech Lover Develops App That Allows You To Take Back Those Messy Text Messages'.   This article covered Maci Peterson’s mobile app On Second Thought that allows users to retrieve their text messages within one-minute of sending their text.  “Over 30,000 people read that article on our platform and on one particular night the app received more than 2,000 downloads,” said Brian Morse, Co-Founder of Millions Two One. "Our article, 'Local, Woman-Owned Shoe Company Takes Louisiana by Storm' written about two Black women who started their own tennis shoe company amassed an audience of 70,000 readers!"

“The Hottest Black-Owned Shoe Company in the Country,’ an article that was written about Negash Apparel and Footwear, a Black-Owned apparel company based on Ancient Egypt headquartered in Detroit, was read by more than 26,000 people and thus thousands of dollars of their merchandise has been sold to our audience,” noted Morse.  “We find that telling the story of Black business owners is a great way to make people aware of the amazing products and services that they offer.”

“Another great business that has outstanding products that received thousands of readers from our audience was Freedom Paper Company," Morse noted.  "Freedom Paper Company is a Black-Owned manufacturer and distributor of bathroom tissue, paper towels, janitorial products and much more,” expressed Morse.  “The article, ‘Did You Know That There Was A Black-Owned Bathroom Tissue Manufacturing Company?’ has brought great awareness to the company with many of our readers vowing to purchase their household items from Freedom Paper Company.”

Black-owned companies that would like to advertise on USBC Directory can do so by logging on to  If a business owner is an existing paid member of one of 123 Black Chambers of Commerce associated with the US Black Chambers, Inc, the annual fee to list their business is discounted to $49.99. The annual fee to get listed for Non-chamber members is $99.99. The annual fee of $199 includes a listing on our site as well as a 500-word article that will be written about their company and shared with our audience. "When we started this company, we recognized that our businesses and organizations suffer from a lack of exposure.  We are exposing our businesses to the world,” expressed Morse.

USBC Directory assists in bringing awareness and donations to Black organizations.  ‘How Meeting Obama Changed the Attorney that Now Fights for Justice and for Black Boys’ is an article that was written about Building Powerful Minds, an organization started by Attorney Vernon Jackson in Jacksonville, Florida that tutors, teaches African history and mentors Black males.  This article brought great exposure to the organization from thousands of readers and resulted in donations from many of USBC Directory readers.  "Our businesses employs our community and our organizations provides great support for our families. As we work to grow and scale our businesses, they will have money to give to our organizations that are working to solve some of the long-lasting issues in the Black community,” Morse said.

Morse launched with the goal of becoming the premier destination for supporting and locating Black-owned businesses. lists the largest amount of Black-owned businesses on one platform than any other website.  The site is also an hub for thousands of Black Events and Black News from around the world.

“It is not always easy to find Black-owned businesses to patronize,” said Morse. “We created the site under three premises: the first was to make it easier to locate and to support Black-owned businesses.  The second premise was to support businesses and organizations that partner with the Black community.  The third premise is to refrain from frequenting businesses that do not financially advance the Black community.  Our goal is to facilitate the circulation of the Black dollar and to make it easier to find Black-owned businesses.”  USBC Directory lists Black-owned restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, banks, gas stations, shopping locations, grocery stores, doctors, lawyers, accountants, federal and state certified minority business enterprises, construction companies and more.  The site also locates employment and volunteering opportunities, along with pinpointing thousands of scholarships for Black students.

“When we support Black-owned businesses, we assist in building the Black community, while also bringing down the unemployment rate and the crime rate in the African American community,” said Morse.  “Black Businesses are the second largest employer of African Americans in the United States after the government.  When we support our Black-owned businesses, we are directly investing into the Black community.”

If you are a Black business owner, list your business today on