Sherman Weston, the Modern Day Chris Gardner of the Pursuit of Happyness

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For the past 14 years, Sherman Weston, the CEO/President of U.S. Imaging Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia has been committed to providing a cost-effective customer service approach to biomedical and imaging equipment sales and service.

Many would ask what is biomedical imaging equipment sales?  It is very similar to the type of work and character Will Smith played in the Pursuit of Happyness when he went to doctor's offices selling medical equipment.  Mr. Weston could be described as the modern day Chris Gardner before he went to work on Wall Street.

With more than 30 years of experience in the medical imaging and biomedical equipment industry, the professionals at U.S. Imaging, Inc. provides sales, service repair, maintenance, and replacement parts for all brands of MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound equipment, as well as EKG, defibrillators, batteries, probes, and more.

As one of the few African Americans in this industry, Mr. Weston is highly detail oriented, proficient, educated and a seasoned healthcare equipment professional. 

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Mr. Weston’s level of success starts with his commitment to education. He graduated from Devry University in 1980 as an engineer and was recruited and hired by GE Medical Systems the same year. As an engineer, he built X-ray machines and CT scanners and was quickly promoted to senior field rep, where he went to hospitals and helped with difficult installations.

Mr. Weston was never satisfied with one promotion.  He went back to school and attained another degree in management and was later ranked number one four years in a row as service manager in the southeast region.  He transferred to Atlanta and increased sales from $2.5 million to $9 million in four years and was eventually promoted to regional manager.

When Jack Welch took over GE, he said that the company was "too White and too male."  Welch put together a coalition to hire more Blacks, women and people of color.  Mr. Weston was hand-picked by his manager to be apart of the team to hire more women and minorities and was personally responsible for bringing diversity in the southeast region.

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After a stellar 16 year career in virtually every level of management, Mr. Weston decided to pursue other interests and expound on his entrepreneurial skills. He bought two Wendy’s franchises and operated them for a few years, but later decided that fast food was not a good fit for him.  After selling the franchises, he was recruited by Aramark.  As he had done before, Weston quickly turned the sales numbers from negative to positive.

In 2002, Mr. Weston found himself on the wrong side of Aramark’s inner-corporate wars, so he decided to resign.  The very next month, Weston endeavored on his life-long dream of working for himself doing what he does best, medical imaging.  Through his years of working with GE and Aramark, Weston cultivated long-lasting relationships with peers, doctors and hospital staff in which he capitalized upon to catipult his business.  In the first month of starting US Imaging, Inc. Weston replaced several months of his income.  From the first year until now, U.S. Imaging has seen massive and progressive growth in their revenue.

U.S. Imaging Inc. sells new and refurbished equipment using cutting-edge processes performed by certified trained technicians, with expert service, set-up and training. Hard work, 30 years of experience, his acumen to communicate on a technical level has allowed Mr. Weston the ability to save money and costs for hospital groups and CEO’s around the country.

Weston is currently expanding his company to do more business with hospitals on a larger scale.  As U.S. Imaging Inc. grows, Weston plans to hire experienced professionals in the healthcare equipment industry. 

US Imaging, Inc can be contacted through their website, or by phone at (404) 934-9054.

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