NBA, NFL and MLB Wives Meet in DC to Synergize!!!

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October 02, 2017 By Denise Walker

Sports has had a significant impact on today’s world. Our children look up to the basketball, baseball, and football greats and want to become the next superstar. The players are constantly in the limelight.  However, have you ever asked yourself, "what do professional athletes' wives and other women inside professional sports do? " 

SpeakEnglish5 is a unique entity created by two phenomenal women, a mother and daughter team, Jazette Lane-English and AJe’ English-Wynn. They designed this organization with the amazing women inside professional sports (WIPS) in mind. The mother and daughter team have years of personal experience in the world of sports. Each portion of the name has a significant meaning.

An annual event that is sponsored by these remarkable women is the SpeakEnglish5 Synergy Conference. If you are in the Washington, DC area or plan to be, register for this event on Eventbrite. The conference will take place on October 21, 2017 at the JW Marriott on 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Women inside of professional sports and other friends are joining forces to inspire, motivate, and uplift other women. The owners, Jazette Lane-English and AJe’ English-Wynn, will be speaking and others will be there to share their stories about overcoming obstacles and becoming successful. You don’t want to miss it, and you don’t want to miss connecting with this organization!

"Speak means to open up and share your story with the world and not be afraid."

The English portion of the name is their last name and the number 5 is the jersey number of Jazette’s sons, who are also athletes - the oldest is a professional basketball player. 

“The women inside of professional sports often operate behind the scenes, but they deserve to have their voices heard as well,” stated AJe’ English-Wynn during an interview by the United States Black Chamber's Black Directory.

“They are mothers, wives, daughters, etc and we want to hear what they have to say. They are excited when we speak to them,” Jazette Lane-English continued to explain during her interview.

SpeakEnglish5's organization interviews WIPS - women inside  professional sports to document their perspectives. They may be connected with the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Professional Soccer, NLL, WNBA, and the WPBF. These are real-life stories from real women. They share their stories about being business women, raising children, their spirituality and other positive aspects of their lives.

“They don’t share from a mean girl’s spirit, but they share positive things that are happening. It is not a scripted reality TV show. It’s real life,” Jazette Lane-English stated.

SpeakEnglish5 has also had the great opportunity to learn about the dreams and aspirations of the women they interview from day to day. They remind them that they are important and play a vital role.

Professional athletes' wives want to fulfill their dreams as well!

The SpeakEnglish5 organization has also found that no two stories are alike. Many of the women are from various backgrounds and have different testimonies.  

In addition to the organization, both women are motivational speakers and give back to their communities. They have written a book, "WIPS (Women Inside Professional Sports) Unscripted". It is used during their various workshops and other events. It is available for purchase on their website:

AJe’ English-Wynn is also the creator of a series of other networking events for millennials. One is called Socials with Espresso! During this event, she seeks to bridge the gap between the professional world of millennials. The individuals are taught to step out on faith and get advice on networking and other tips.

Register for the SpeakEnglish5 Synergy III Conference today!


Synergy III Speakers

AJe' English-Wynn
Mistress of Ceremonies, Synergy III
Published Author

Jazette Lane-English
Published Author
Certified Life Coach

Marcia L. Dyson
International Marketing Consultant,
Writer, and Speaker
Social Activist

Charlotte Wilson
Founder & CEO, Glow Skincare

Isra Girgrah Wynn
Professional Athlete
Founder, IWynn Productions

Saymendy Lloyd
Certified Life Coach
Founder Women's Wings

Ron Busby
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

Karen Maria Alston
Founder, Alston Marketing Group
Founder, The Spectrum Circle

Dr. Renee' Allen
Radio Show Host
Published Author

Special Guests:

Kenyatta T. Brunson

Nstreet Village 

Dr. Sheila D. Williams
Published Author
Radio/TV Show Host

Jenne' Johnson
Published Author


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Written by

Denise Walker