Mother and Daughter Tech Founders Raised $1 Million for their Networking App!

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February 05, 2019 By The Muse and The Messenger

Mixtroz is like ‘LinkedIn’, but live!” says, Kerry Schrader, Mixtroz Co-Founder.


The Mixtroz mobile app is changing the face of networking events one download at a time. Using a virtual, real-time professional matchmaking concept, Mixtroz helps live event attendees connect to one another, while also allowing event hosts to learn more about who is attending their events. This twist on event networking is not only a new and fresh idea, but it also offers a look ahead at the future of professional networking.


Founded by Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons, an African American mother-daughter duo, Mixtroz is taking the tech world by storm and challenging norms that demystify stereotypes.  In a male dominated industry, Schrader and Ammon founded this company without any formal information technology background and managed to raise a whopping $1 million dollars to support their entrepreneurial goals. They are only the 37th and 38th Black Female tech founders to raise $1 millions dollars for a startup.  Their ambition speaks volumes to Misty Copeland’s assertion that “You can start late. Be uncertain. Look different. And still succeed!”  


For far too long, networking events have failed to yield positive returns for event goers. With the collection of mounds of business cards that do not lead to follow-up calls and event coordinators who do not have a pulse on networking event outcomes, Mixtroz is most certainly a creative concept. Whether you are an event host or excited about expanding your professional network, Mixtroz is simple and easy to use. In just five easy steps, the mobile app can be used anywhere groups of 50 or more are already gathered.

Mixtroz allows users to select an event by location, create a nametag, answer a few custom questions, and event attendees can mix, meet, and mingle before they even arrive at the event. Using the data collected from the event questionnaire, attendees are connected instantly. Immediate access to survey data yields a higher return on investment for the event organizer. This type of data has driven smarter marketing decisions, offered data-driven decision making opportunities for future events, and increased engagement for event attendees which lead attendees to make purchases, donate, sign up and return. 


Since 2015, Mixtroz has had many success stories.  Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Essence to name a few, this mother-daughter team is just getting started. Schrader and Ammons have become event “connectors” for professionals around the world. They attribute their success not only to hard work but also to finding a supportive place to build their business and brand. “The world is a huge place therefore you cannot limit yourself geographically when starting a business.  Find a place where people get you, feel you, understand you, and support you.  Go there and conquer!  For us, that was Birmingham, AL,” says Ammons. These daring women-owned business owners saw a need and took steps to satisfy it—giving credence to the notion that some of the most worthwhile inventions were created based on someone’s need.


To learn more about how Mixtroz can help live event attendees easily connect or how to use the app for your professional needs, download the mobile app via your Apple or Google Play store or visit  Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons are also members of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.  Click here to join the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.


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