Many "Millennipreneurs" are Going from Start-up to Scale Up

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February 14, 2017 By Roger Caldwell

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Black women are leading the nation in starting businesses and according to Fortune Magazine, “millennipreneurs,” which stands for millennials and entrepreneurs, are starting more companies, managing bigger staffs, and targeting higher profits than their baby boomer predecessors.  Many startup businesses survive off of a boot-strap budget which includes working from home, bartering with other business owners, cutting their land line and doing most of their business from their cell phones. 

After a few years of limited sleep, a ramen noodle diet, compared with the nagging thought of trying to figure out what it takes to grow a startup, there comes a point in which you have to move your business out of your house or out of your parent's basement to a real office.  Time to grow up!

Gateway Communication is expanding its services with Satellite Television, design, Internet Services, Voice and data cabling and wireless networks. President James Portis’s vision is to provide service across the U.S.

“We take tremendous satisfaction in the fact that we are able to help new startups to save money.  We love when we go back 6 months later and see that they are growing their brand with our strategies.”


Gateway Communications Inc. is a privately held company in Deerfield Beach Fl., and was established in 1991. The president of the company, James Portis, says his primary market is "Business Telephone systems and sales".  His focus is providing small and mid-sized companies with outstanding service and developing long term relationships with his customers. 

A business telephone system is a great tool for any small business owner who may not be large enough to justify the luxury of a receptionist. By using a business telephone system, the business can communicate with established clients and new clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  "Interactive" is the buzzword in today’s high-tech business world and consumers expect to have their questions answered at all times of the day and night.

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Gateway Communications is committed to establishing and maintaining a dynamic relationship with every customer. Since 1991, Gateway has built a team of certified voice and data professionals to develop an understanding of each customer’s unique telecommunications requirements.

“We understand the market and the products, and put our price points where they are affordable. We educate the consumer, so they will make a smart buy,” says President James Portis.

The benefits of a good business telephone system today are numerous and go beyond simple cost savings. Telephone systems improve productivity and seamless integration of remote workers.

“Gateway Communications keeps up to date on technology, and we are competitive in what we do. As products and technology continues to change, improve and converge, we will continue to provide an understanding and convey these changes to maintain our partnership as your business systems support partner of choice,” explains President Portis.

Businesses run best on clear communication, and Gateway Communications has found its niche in the competitive and complicated telecommunication world of business telephone systems.  When choosing a system provider, the idea is to facilitate communication in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information contact Gateway Communications at (954) 604-2598 or by email at

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Roger Caldwell