LaDelyo's is Some of the Best Creole Food in N'awlins

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January 11, 2017 By Roger Caldwell/Millions Two One Staff is the Largest African American Business Directory in the World!


LaDelyo’s Creole Catering Company is an authentic New Orleans Cuisine, who strives for excellence with every dish, and provides exceptional food for every event. The founders, Yolanda B. Carters and Ardell M. Walters are professionals that take pride in the taste and presentation of their food at every event.  “Our company makes planning and holding a catered event easy. We handle the catering so that you can focus on what really matters – your guests and your special day. We deliver mouthwatering creole cuisines that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come,” says Yolanda Carter, Co-Owner of LaDelyo’s Creole Catering.

2005 was a devastating year for LaDelyo’s Creole Catering. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed New Orleans, but it also destroyed their business. They lost everything.  They lost all of their catering equipment, their catering truck, their homes were gone, along with their customers.  Some of their equipment was insured, but they lost a total of $80,000 during the damage of Hurricane Katrina.


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Carter and her family initially decided against evacuating when officials announced that Hurricane Katrina was approaching.  However, the night before landfall Carter could not sleep and felt a great urge to gather her family and to leave town.  Carter escaped Katrina, but some in her family did not experience the same fate.  They fled New Orleans and ended up in Galveston, Texas.  

"It was all like a horrible nightmare," said Carter.  Carter explained that Blacks from New Orleans were treated like refugees, wherever they went. Thankfully they received permanent housing in Texas City, but no one would hire them because they were from New Orleans.  "We left New Orleans with clothes for a weekend and could not go back home."  They found themselves now living in strange cities and waiting in long lines to get help from the federal government.


“We are native New Orleanians and we know the difference in the flavor and taste.  We serve authentic Creole New Orleans Cuisine Soul Food to fit the event."

There was a silver lining during this dark time for her.  New Orleans, Creole style food was one of the few things that brought them solace and reminded them of home.  As Carter prepared meals, neighbors started knocking on her door asking her what they were cooking.  More and more people began to come by and Carter was eventually able to sustain herself and her family through the meals that she prepared. 

In 2007, Carter returned to New Orleans.  Carter received a great opportunity to take a small business class at Xavier University.  During that class, the President of Community Development at Capital One tasted her food and he was highly "impressed".  The President called her and offered a special program to them.  He made them aware that if they could save $2,500, his organization would match it. 

"That program opened a lot of doors for us!"   


After this point, Carter and Walters were able to buy equipment, one major piece at a time.  Their business was now starting to rebound. They scraped up the vending fee for the Essence Music Festival, but unfortunately they lost money the first year.  However, the second year there were long lines at the festival for their food.  LaDelyo’s Creole Catering was also successful while vending at Mardi Gras. As their reputation grew, they secured a contract at the famous “Magnolia Mansion.”  Magnolia Mansion had its share of celebrities, politicians and corporate executives.  Soon enough they started requesting their signature dishes and Carter and Walters started catering their picnics, banquets, celebrations and galas.  

Some of their signature dishes are Creole Gumbo, Creole Potato Martini, Sausage Ya Ya Sandwich, Crawfish Fried Rice and Homemade Bread Pudding with praline sauce.  Carter expressed that many restaurants opened in New Orleans serving what she describes as  'Post-Katrina cuisines".  “We are native New Orleanians and we know the difference in the flavor and taste.  We serve authentic Creole New Orleans Cuisine Soul Food to fit the event and we can do any food that our clients and customers want,” says owner Yolanda Carter.    

For more information, visit their website or contact them at (504) 931-3699 for your next catering event.

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