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February 21, 2019 By Katandra Shanel Jackson

“Find a need and fill it.” ~Ruth Stafford Peale

Finding financing for any entrepreneurial endeavor can be a bit intimidating. It can be downright disheartening after you’ve sought both the moral and monetary support of those most familiar with you. According to Mr. Nelson Nigel, “Finding financing was always hard, especially when your closest friends and family would not even back you.” One of the biggest challenges that Nelson Nigel faced was securing money for his smart start-up. But that didn’t thwart his plans to provide the great state of New York with a service that was obviously needed but was perhaps subconsciously disregarded.

Nelson Nigel is the CEO of Kidmoto Technologies, a transportation service with its eyes on a very specific audience, those traveling to and from the airport as well as within the city, with young children. In brevity, Kidmoto Technologies is a New York based car service whose vehicles are equipped with car seats. In depth, Kidmoto Technologies is much, much more.


“Customers use Kidmoto because Kidmoto provides safe travel for families with kids from the airports!”


Peace of mind is a priceless commodity. As a parent, I personally understand the desire for your child’s safety in all settings. Imagine preparing to travel. Everyone is packed. You board the plane. You repeat to yourself, “Did, I turn off all of the lights? Did I lock all the doors? Did I pack everyone’s toothbrushes?” The flight is a success, and as you enter the terminal, there’s that nagging feeling that you forgot something. But you’ve arrived, so with luggage in one hand and your child(ren) in tow, you embark upon New York. You hail a cab and that’s when it hits you, the car seat, although bulky and difficult to travel with, a necessity nonetheless! You’ve left yours behind and the car service expects you and your child to jump into the cab and automatically feel safe. But convenience is the prerequisite to comfort. The ride to your destination will unlikely be unsettling, as your driver navigates the streets of one of the busiest metropolitans in the world, with your child in the backseat, sans car seat. Hold onto your standard seatbelts kids and welcome to New York.

Nigel saw a need for a client specific service and sought to remedy that need. The solution was Kidmoto Technologies. Love is in the detail and Kidmoto Technologies has not overlooked the very important detail which is the safety of each passenger, from the oldest to the youngest. A range of vehicles to fit the Client’s needs are available, and a staff of professionally trained drivers are at the wheel; the cars are equipped with FDA approved, harnessed car seats. Kidmoto Technologies offers this extra service without the extra surcharge, as they operate at market rates.

When we asked Nigel what hurdles he faced as he was constructing Kidmoto Technologies, he stated, “Building Kidmoto was one of the most demanding things in my lifetime. Think about waking up at 4 a.m. and coming back at 11 p.m., 7 days a week. I lived that life for over 9 months straight and then it was 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week. There were many pitfalls and tons of failures, but we all stuck together as a team and Kidmoto is alive and growing.” Alive and thriving! Nigel further verified that Kidmoto is a second-year mobile app with gross sales of $260K in 2018, with a rapidly growing, global customer base. Nigel states, “Customers use Kidmoto because Kidmoto provides safe travel for families with kids from the airports.”

If you’re planning a trip to New York by plane and you’re traveling with children, Nelson Nigel and his dependable, professionally trained Drivers, will eliminate the need to travel with a bulky car seat. The solution is Kidmoto Technologies. Both the website and app are easy to navigate. Check them out, book a ride and secure peace of mind for your entire family. “Our vision is to be a national organization,” states Nelson Nigel. Kidmoto Technologies is well on its way.


Nelson Nigel, CEO Kidmoto Technologies                                                                      

Mobile, 347-612-2091                                                              


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