She's Happy Hair; From The Trunk of a Car to a Million Dollar Enterprise

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July 18, 2018 By Angie BEE

When Marcus Bowers graduated college with a degree in business, he knew that his company would not only revolutionize shopping options for African Americans, but he wanted his company to encourage entrepreneurship for youth.  She's Happy Hair does just that!  With a corporate office in Houston, Texas and a thriving online presence, Bowers’ company offers luxurious virgin hair and other hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, and natural hair growth products.  With stores located throughout Texas in Dallas, Houston and Arlington and in Detroit, Michigan, Bowers anticipates opening another store in Atlanta, GA in the summer of 2018.

When asked what sets She's Happy Hair apart from others, Bowers stated, “We don’t have any competition because we blazed the trail.  No one is doing business the way WE do business.” “Other stores don’t provide excellent customer service the way we do and they don’t know us!  They don’t understand what moves our [customers].  You don’t see the ‘care factor,’ and we do quite a bit in our communities to give back.” Bowers has a passion for serving the community.  “We offer holiday, back-to-school and prom sales. Other stores don’t market, promote or provide customer service in their neighborhoods and their profits don’t remain in the neighborhoods that they service,” states Bowers.


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She's Happy Hair is an African American and veteran-owned company.  Bowers reflected on the company’s beginnings in a recent interview, “We started from the trunk of our car.”  Warren Broadnax and Bowers started the company together.  Bowers had just graduated from college when he reached out to Broadnax for partnership.  Broadnax was a firefighter and had days off from the firehouse to work on the growth of the company. From the trunk of their car and an $800 investment, the company grew and allowed Broadnax to leave the fire department to manage the company full-time. With a focus on the company’s products, the co-owners are able to travel extensively to a variety of countries to find the variety of products.

Bowers says, “Most hair stores or beauty supply stores tend to run out of products.  When consumers come to a She's Happy Hair location, they will be able to leave with what they came for.”  She's Happy Hair takes pride in offering: Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair in all forms including closures, bundles and wigs, along with their award winning edge control and Moroccan oil. 

In addition to building a successful business, the co-owners also value the relationships they have built in their local community. They are frequently invited to schools to speak about entrepreneurship on career day. She's Happy Hair also sponsor back-to-school haircut events and Christmas toy drives that feature a “Chocolate Santa.”  She's Happy Hair is an international brand and a multi-million dollar company that provides jobs across the United States with a principle focus on giving back to the communities for which the serve.

To learn more visit, call (281) 382-4936 or email

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Angie BEE