Dr. Dre, Take Notes From Diddy: Diddy Gives $1 Million Dollars To HBCU-Howard University

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October 31, 2016 By Jen Nicole - Naturally Moi

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Now this is what I want to see from MORE Black celebrities! I want to see more Black celebrities giving back to Black people- Black institutions, Black businesses, Black families.

Diddy, Puff Daddy Combs, Hip Hop Mogul and Marketing extraordinaire, attended Howard University for two years and those two years impacted him so much that he never let Howard go, literally. He always brought the best artists to perform at Howard’s Homecoming and always gave Howard shout outs and love. In 2014 he received an honorary doctorate degree in humanities and recently he was Howard Universities commencement speaker.

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All of these events, led up to what he did recently. At Diddy’s sold-out Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour stop last night  at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. he presented a check to Howard’s President Dr. Wayne Frederick for $1 million dollars to Howard.

Diddy said, “I was blessed to receive a great education from Howard University – one of the best schools in the world,” he said in a statement. “This scholarship will make it possible for the next generation of leaders to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness.”

He went on to say, “the only reason why I was able to chase my dreams was the empowerment that Howard gave me, the support that they gave me, the first two years.”

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So here is what his money is going towards: starting in fall 2017, undergraduate students majoring in business can apply to The Sean Combs Scholarship Fund. Applicants require a 3.0 GPA and must demonstrate financial need.

 In addition, not only do students receive fiscal support, but they will also get a mentor from Combs Enterprises and intern with Bad Boy Entertainment or Revolt Media & TV over the summer.


Now, Dr. Dre needs to take notes, like I said in the title of this story because he did the opposite, he along with Jimmy Iovine gave $70 million dollars to USC a rich a** school in Los Angeles, that needs and wants for nothing and has less than 2 percent of Blacks enrolled.
Diddy has proven himself time and time again to be dedicated to the Black community and this is just extra icing on the cake. I believe we really need to stop supporting Black artists, entertainers and actors who do not directly support Black people. The time is now. We need to get serious about who we are giving our money to and why they deserve to have it.