Do Not…Touch My Hair!

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November 15, 2016 By Latoya Cross







Trust, if you can get arrested for throwing a rotten banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a comedy set, then there’s no reason why police wouldn’t be called when folks decide to step into your personal space and physically touch you.

A dude got the social media business from filmmaker Ava DuVernay after harassing her on a train platform and doing what no one should ever have the nerve or audacity to do ….touched her locs!

I know, I know. I gasped with you.

Lady DuVernay’s reaction in this series of tweets:

Missed train dealing w/ a man who touched my hair + when I asked what in all the hells he thought he was doing replied "Is this racial?"


Other women came over. Guy is screaming at all of us. Station police involved. It was a whole thing. As I see my train blink off the board.


And the awkward experience ended like this:


Now he's having charges pressed by another lady for harassment. Moral: DON'T TOUCH anyone uninvited. ESPECIALLY not this black woman's hair.


Now, we all know hair is personal. There are times when my mother constantly caresses mine and after about the third stroke, my follicles are screaming ….STAWP! – All in love though as that’s that’s mama. :)

But seriously, how about using your words to express your admiration for one’s crown? I mean, it’s not rare to have hair crushes, but keep your distance or at least ask permission.


Just think, if dude gets locked up and enters the cell on a “hair touching” charge…well, I’ll let you come to you own conclusion on that one.

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Written by

Latoya Cross