Collaboration Makes It Happen!

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May 01, 2018 By Angie BEE

Collaboration Makes It Happen!

 Inspiring Words from the Founder of the USBC Directory



Now documented as the largest online black business directory in the world, the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) Directory and mobile app founder, Brian Morse, reflected on the start of his career.  “Before I began the directory I was a master general agent, training agents and selling life insurance to consumers.  I did that for 13 years,” he said.  With a career grounded in top-notch customer service and compassion for others, Morse’s servant-leader attitude is even more apparent through his work with the over 107,000 black businesses listed in USBC Directory. His dedication to seeing black businesses grow is unsurpassed.


How did the insurmountable growth of the USBC Directory take place?  “In order to grow Millions To One to where it needed to be, I realized that I needed to form partnerships. During a 2015 trip to Detroit, I became acquainted with the National Newspaper Publishers Association—a network of over 200 black-owned newspapers.  After meeting Cloves Campbell, the president of the association, Campbell arranged a meeting between me and Ron Busby, the president of the USBC, who at the time also had an online black-business directory,” Morse explained. “During our encounter in Detroit, I let him know that I ran the nation's largest black-business directory!”  From that meeting and many more to follow, a collaboration was born between Morse and the USBC—leading them to rename the platform the USBC Directory.


To date, the USBC Directory is focused on increasing the circulation of the dollar within the black community.  It is the best way to find black businesses in your local area and around the globe.  It gives users access to black-owned businesses, organizations, news and entertainment in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands and in Africa. 


According to Morse only two cents of every dollar that is spent in this country is then circulated back into a black community. “So, how do we get that figure to grow to five cents or more? Focus on raising awareness so that people know where black businesses exist.  It so important to circulate dollars in the black community,” Morse explained. Likewise, the USBC diligently educates black entrepreneurs about the importance of circulating their money into other black-owned businesses. “Our issue today goes back to a lack of trust within our own community.  We erroneously believe that if you get ahead . . . that means that I won't benefit," said Morse.  This belief system is one of the driving forces behind the need for the directory and organizations like the USBC.


To locate and learn more about black-owned businesses near you, download the mobile app, USBCDirectory, or visit the website



Written by

Angie BEE