Black Owned Laundry Detergent Company

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September 08, 2017 By Angie Bee

Everyone uses laundry detergent!  The True Products started with co-founder Ali encouraging his two business associates into a joint venture for the manufacturing and distribution of laundry detergent. "We started with the detergent in the one gallon container and it did quite well for sales in the Atlanta area.  The detergent was really good and people liked it, so we increased the container size to provide more" stated Ali.  The company founders each had their own businesses for many years until the launch of True Products.   

"I made millions of dollars in the restaurant industry after the end of the war, and I was able to invest in this new business venture.  We have a 5-star rating on Amazon in the United States and in Bermuda for our product" Ali stated.  From 1969 until 1975, Ali owned and operated "Steak and Take" in Newark, New Jersey and through that brand, they employed 17 people from the African American community.  "This gave us a lot of leverage and experience that helps us today!" 

The owners bring their eclectic knowledge and experience to the company from importing and branding products, to marketing, direct sales, restaurants and real estate.  "We have young people that we train in direct sales.  We teach children in elementary school to sell the 10 ounce product door to door and in laundry mats. We want one million people to spent $46 with us on our products.  We need one million new customers within the next year," states Ali.

"I never sold laundry detergent before, but I had faith in the product" stated Raheem.  "We came together to put the idea together.  We first sold to the mosque that we were a member of.  We sat around the table and brainstormed on the word "TRUE" and everyone felt good about it.  The name TRUE equates to integrity, so when we tell you our product works, it really does!"  Raheem continued.  After speaking with a group of women, asking for their input, the colors for the cartons were selected.  The Purple represents overall cancer awareness and the Pink represents breast cancer awareness.  Our goal is to get a purple bottle in every household!"

The company became well known throughout the country towards our goal of having one million customers by selling on our website and through social media, in order to create brand awareness.  As the company is in it's fifth year now, their expansion goal is to include the following additional products to The True Products line:

Fabric softener
All purpose cleaner
Sanitizer and
Dish washing detergent

You will find the products online at as well as with local distributors.  "Distributors go into business for themselves by selling the products locally.  This allows us to offer direct sales as well as retail.  We want to have 100 distributors across the country.  We currently have 34".

It took three months from inception to sales in order to get the product on the street.  The company began with 5,000 gallons to sell and they sold it through educating the consumers on the benefits of high efficiency detergent.  After educating the consumers, sales began in small, African American owned stores.  Currently, 80% of the stores that sell the product are owned by African Americans.

"What makes the market now is that African American people are going through trying times with racism, crime, etc.  What makes this product so good is the mission of collaboration in order to keep the Black dollar in our communities" states Ali.  "That market is going to get bigger and bigger because we are solution-oriented; we love people more than they love themselves.  We have the information and the education to help them become financially free!  We have been conditioned to think 'Poverty" and we want to help elevate people out of that way of thinking."

"You should be financially free!  We will be publishing books in the future in order to spread education and knowledge.  The preachers have most of the people!  We believe that they should be teaching people to circulate that money in our own communities.  We can hire people in our communities as well.  Our preachers should start preaching that we can do something for ourselves,"  company co-founder Malik Saleem.  Malik has gained a wealth of knowledge, connections and resources in international business. Malik also recently started an underwear line called ‘Champ Boxers’. Malik continues to use his business expertise for the True Laundry Detergent brand.

"Spending money and circulating money are too separate things," states Raheem.  "We have the money, but we are not circulating it properly.  The money should stay in our community" he continued.  "Our product will save you money; our product only costs you $0.17 cents per load, so we are inviting you to save your money and keep your money in the African American community."  

101 loads costs $14.99, averaging out 17 cents per load.  There are no toxic chemicals in our products as we are completely plant-based with no animal products used at all.  50 loads costs $8.99, 10 ounces for $5.99, perfect for laundry mats and college dormitories.

The True Laundry Tips website features laundry tips that can educate consumers on natural and healthy ways to improve each load of laundry.  There are even tips on how to improve your laundry odor naturally, without using traditional detergent!  

Company co-founder Abdur-Rahim lives by the concept that success and failure are determined by effort.  His formula for success is proper preparation, discipline, and an unwavering sense of purpose. "If God is with you, who can be against you!  We made our own food in the 1950s and 1960s and that is how we earned respect.  A man with no land in America has no respect.  We have to merge together now to strengthen our resources and leave a stronger legacy for our children.  Each individual needs to improve their lives; avoiding drugs, alcohol and womanizing.  We need to build an army to lock arms and empower ourselves," stated Rahim.  "We can not rely on our government to strengthen our communities.  Try the product and if you like it, please take it to your Pastor and your community leaders!" 

"The owner of Wal-Mart started with a pick-up truck, and now all of his children are millionaires.  We are not here just talking this, we are sharing love, discipline, integrity by selling True Laundry," states company co-founder Ali.  Ali B Muhammad is a Vietnam War Veteran, an entrepreneur, real estate developer, consultant, master marketer and transcendental coach since 1968.  He resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and partner of 40 years, has raised seven children and is a grandfather of seven and great grandfather of one.  Ali is currently working on his biography/movie, books and dvds on the law of attraction.

If you would like to find out if True Products are sold in your area, visit  Contact True Products today to become a True Products distributor by emailing them at  With decades of education and entrepreneur success behind this product, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee!  

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