Black Family-Owned Business with Products in Wal-Mart, Sally Beauty Stores and Target

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September 29, 2017 By Denise Walker

Have you ever heard the phrase, “One size fits all?” Or is it one size fits some? If you can relate, then you would be very interested in the UI Global Brands.

The husband and wife team, Psyche and Vontoba Terry, launched their intimate apparel and beauty company in 2009. Psyche felt led to begin her own line after the birth of their first child. She wanted to design intimate apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. As their business grew, they added Urban Hydration Skin Care, Audrey Olivia, and Inspire Psyche Terry.

 “Sales were down in the beginning, but people liked the products!” stated the CEO, Psyche Terry during an interview with a staff member from USBC Directory. They remained encouraged and were eventually selected to attend a workshop offered by Macy’s.  At the event, they learned more about selling their products to retailers. They were one of 22 entrepreneurs selected to participate. Later, the company began to grow sporadically until Wal-Mart purchased the Urban Intimates line items for their retail chain.  Soon, two new apparel designs were introduced to Macy’s and Target.

                                        Psyche and Vontoba Terry

The original product line for the business was formed because of both of the founder’s battle with Eczema. Soaps and body washes exacerbated the problem, so they researched and created products containing vitamins, natural extracts, and natural oils.


“If something doesn’t work, we make adjustments.”

The focus of Urban Hydration products are on coconut oil as a key ingredient. “I would dare anybody to find products formulated such as ours at a price point that can beat ours. You would be hard-pressed to find that!” stated the CEO, Psyche Terry.

“We desired to create a product with all natural ingredients and still wanted it to be affordable. Everything we sell is under $15.00, from 16 oz. to 32 oz. products.”

“Three months before receiving their graduate degrees from UNLV and while living in Las Vegas, Vontoba and Psyche launched a business plan to include the skin care brand and clothing line. In January 2017, they added the hair care products which are now available in over 100 Sally Beauty Stores; also under the Urban Hydration umbrella.  The collection includes; shampoos, adult conditioners, and conditioners for children. 


“We find a retailer that we can partner with to launch a new product. We market with them and through our website!  Now, with our new affiliate program, we try to provide potential side-income for other people that want to make money,” Psyche Terry continued to share during her interview with USBC Directory. Details of the affiliate program are available on the company’s website.

With a full-time team of six employees, UI Global Brands now offers approximately 20 products on their website and through retailers. 

“There is a knowledge-barrier.  There are things that a company needs to do to keep the retailer interested.  This is how we have been able to grow with our retail.  We may not be in all stores now. However, we want to expand our retail space, get more shelf space, and continue to offer a great product at a great price,” exclaimed Vontoba.

 “We are a family-owned company, run by a husband and wife team and we care about our customers and the community that we serve. We have established a scholarship fund, we serve on the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Club and when people support us, they support a company with a purpose.  [Supporting a company] coming from a meager background, and desires to grow into a company that is giving back in several ways!” Psyche continued.

To learn more and purchase from this much needed, amazing company, go to their website at 

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Written by

Denise Walker