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Ericka is a devoted wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. Ericka L McKnight’s passion for mental illness started when her best childhood friend shared that her husband was abusing her. Ericka’s friend was dragged along the kitchen floor, punched in the face numerous of times. He mentally abused her while pregnant, held her captive in the house, and prevented her from socializing with friends & family. He threatened to kill her every time she decided to leave. Ericka wept with her friend and felt so guilty because she introduced this young man to her friend, planned the wedding shower, planned the wedding and so much more! This abuse went on for 7yrs and 3 children later. Ericka’s friend was never the same. Because of the continued physical, mental and emotional abuse, her friend’s life was turned upside down. Ericka’s friend transformed from a Bachelor degree educated woman in a prestigious corporate job to a complete vegetable. Her friend now resides in a mental institution and doesn't recognize anyone. Ericka has mentally-challenged individuals in her family and a sibling who was in a very abusive relationship. Throughout her journey Ericka decided to become a certified life coach and the founder of the visionaries group. Ericka has had the privilege of transforming the lives of thousands and still counting! Ericka is also a successful real estate mogul, wealth coach, philanthropist, and the owner of a prosperous real estate school. Ericka wrote "Silence The Noise" because of all the devastating encounters, personal and personally shared stories of others she has heard or been exposed. The Noise is designed to throw us off course and distract us from our God given destiny and talents. Ericka understands that God has a specific plan for your life. Physical, mental, and emotional distress has become a common practice in today’s society. Oh Noise! Oh Noise! U will remain silent!... Entrepreneur..Author...Teacher...Visionary Coach...Philantropist


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