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At P.A Wallace & Associates, we provide our clients with a wide range of insurance coverages, risk management consulting, Bonding, Owner Controlled Insurance Program administration, employee benefits for public, private companies and organizations.Patricia A. Wallace, ARM, President and Chief Executive Officer of P.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc., specializes in providing consulting and risk management services primarily related to the construction industry and government. She possesses more than twenty years of extensive construction experience in general consulting, minority business development and compliance, commercial insurance, bonding, employee benefits and risk management consulting. She was the first Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise Director for the County of Erie in up-state New York and was responsible for developing and implementing all policies and procedures for that department. Ms. Wallace authored the first local Minority/Women Business Enterprise legislation which covered all areas of procurement including construction, supplies and professional services. As the Director of this department, she also developed and implemented contract compliance which covered all construction contracts and employment. Ms. Wallace was subsequently employed by a national general contractor/ construction manager to develop and implement an M/WBE program for this company nationwide. Licensed as a General Lines Agent for property and casualty insurance (2-20) and Life and Annuities, Patricia A. Wallace possesses more than 25 years experience in all aspects of insurance and bonding. As the previous risk manager for a multi-million dollar general contractor/construction manager and a nationwide environmental contractor, her experience encompasses all areas of property and casualty insurance, including risk identification, risk financing, bidding and negotiating insurance coverages, risk transfer, claims management, loss control and safety, managing insurance matters in litigation, preparing bid documents, insurance specifications, hold harmless agreements, coordinating multiple wrap-up plans for various projects under construction simultaneously and handling specialty environmental coverages. She has acquired significant experience developing and implementing insurance requirements and programs for trade contractors and subcontractors and has written claims procedures, loss control policy and procedure manuals. Her experience involves working with multi-million dollar commercial, institutional, industrial, and governmental projects, including transportation systems, airports, resorts, arenas, office complexes, hotels, hospitals, roads and educational facilities. The Company has also successfully administered numerous Owner Controlled Insurance Programs.Our Small Business Program P.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc.’s possess extensive education and experience in the area of Small Business Programs including DBE, Minority, Women, and Local Developing Owned Business (DBE/MWBE/LDB) Programs. Our corporate mission is to expand the capability and capacity of small firms for current and future projects and opportunities. Over the years, we have identified issues and developed solutions to some of the major barriers that have limited the maximum utilization of DBE/MWBE/LDBS . Program FacetsOur experience individually and collectively covers every facet of DBE/MWBE/LDB Programs including but not limited to: New program design, implementation, administration, monitoring, drafting regulations, developing policies and procedures, program data collection, evaluation, contract compliance, reporting, certification of DBEs, LDBs, M/WBEs, conducting on-site and field interviews, designing reporting forms, evaluating and revising existing programs, on-site monitoring, developing manuals, conducting workshops and seminars, training, attending pre-bid, pre-proposal and pre-construction meetings, attending and monitoring JCMs, compiling monthly, quarterly and annual reports, auditing Davis Bacon (certified payroll), writing bid specifications, evaluating bids and proposals, developing project specific goals, monitoring prompt payment, conflict resolution, and trouble shooting. We also provide Bonding Assistance, a Bonding Alternative Program and an Access to Capital Program which provides working capital to Small Businesses that have been awarded contracts. This listing, although extensive, is not all inclusive of the collective experience of the P.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc.’s team. We Get the Job Done! We have worked with race and gender directed programs, as well, as race and gender neutral programs. We have worked with local, county, state and federal programs. Our experience covers purchasing (vendors), professional services, and construction for vertical and horizontal projects. The construction projects include airports, transportation, manufacturing, medical, industrial, educational, infrastructures, roads, transit systems, government, military, and office buildings. Our experience also includes new construction, renovation, and maintenance/continuing contracts. We have worked on projects up to $850 million. During the past six years, P.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc. has been responsible for the development, implementation, administration, contract compliance, Bonding Assistance Programs and monitoring of DBE/MWBE/LDB Programs with a value in excess of billions of dollars of construction projects. P.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc. has an excellent reputation for not only getting the job done but going above and beyond to provide assistance to DBE/MWBE/LDBS.We Provide Bonds and Bonding Assistance to Contractors We specialize in working with small and medium size contractors. We recognize the importance of contractors being able to obtain bonds to increase bidding opportunities which will increase capacity. Contractors appreciate our understanding of how they operate, our understanding of the construction industry, and our personalized service to help achieve bonding goals. Our Company has developed and administered many Bonding Assistance Programs for the public and private sectors. We have helped hundreds of contractors become bonded or increase their bonding capacity and decrease their bond rate.Insurance DivisionOur Insurance Division. provides clients with a wide range of insurance products, insurance and risk management consulting services, bonding and employee benefits for public and private companies and organizations. The Company provides all lines of property, casualty and worker’s compensation insurance with A+ rated insurers for domestic and international risks. Specialty insurance coverages and programs are available including project specific and rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP)/Wrap-Up, environmental policies for pollution, hazardous waste, underground storage tanks and asbestos liability. We also manage various other types of insurance programs.Our consulting services are provided to clients in the areas of insurance, risk management, risk financing, claims and audit management, bid specification preparation, personnel training, program development, audit review and preparation. We develop Risk Management Manuals on various topics including Loss Control, Fleet Safety, Claims Procedures, Policy Digest, Owner Controlled Insurance Manuals and various other topics.


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