Under the call letters KSDY, channel 50 is a team of professionals brought together by their strong commitment to exceed goals and customer expectations. Channel 50’s intent is to become a dedicated media platform for the San Diego/Baja California local communities. With its affiliates, Milenio, SintesisTV, and BereaVision, Channel 50 brings original programming to the viewers who are looking to stay connected and up to date with current trends and issues on both sides of the border. Channel 50 belongs to the broadcasting company, International Communications Network, Inc. With more than fifteen years in the broadcasting industry and with previous partnerships with Grupo Formula, MTV Tr3es, Cadena Tres and MultiMedios, ICN and Channel 50 thrive to give the highest entertainment experience to the viewer and assurance to advertisers. Channel 50 is a local and independently-owned news channel branding the call letters KSDY, serving the multicultural community in Southern California and Baja California. Because of our strategic alliances with international networks in Mexico and the U.S., Channel 50 transmits three channels: Milenio, Z Living and Bereavision. KSDY was created over 10 years ago. We started very small as any business would, but we have been working our way up since then. It is not an easy business- it takes a lot to survive in the broadcasting industry, considering the constant changes in laws and technology, as well as the competition of giant broadcasting conglomerates. But our passion for this business is what keeps us going. We have the desire to entertain our viewers and to give the San Diego community a piece of home. The channels KSDY broadcast contain a wide variety of shows, pleasing any viewer, no matter their taste. This way, San Diegans can stay connected with their people and culture, as well as be informed with the latest updates on both sides of the border.


901 Lane Avenue, Ste. 200
Chula Vista, California 91914
United States

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