Jita Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC


JITA Medical Billing & Consulting is a multi-faceted Revenue Cycle Management Solution, Training, Marketing, & Management Consulting Firm. Our Mission is to provide services key to increasing rapid returns from payers, productivity amongst staff, and eliminate mistakes in coding. JITA utilizes 70+ years of experience in Healthcare, Television and Marketing to aid Medical professionals in their practices or groups. Our client base includes Single Physician practices to Corporations. We are also capable of Billing for Dentists and Pharmacies. We are a complete billing solution. There is one major difference that makes JITA Medical Billing stand out from other Billing companies and it affects your bottom line. Unlike other Billing Companies we do not charge a percentage of everything we collect from insurance companies. We charge a flat fee that we believe is in line with the ever evolving Healthcare Finance Industry. We can help you do the math and show you why percentages are an archaic way to pay for a service. You do not pay an In–house biller a percentage, so why would you pay a company that?


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