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The Campus 2 Careers workshop initiative started as a direct response to help increase the number of college graduates entering the workforce prepared and developed professionally. Upon exiting an educational institution, it is proven that students who possess key elements for hire, and are adequately prepared, have a higher success rate in their job search and overall job success. Research shows, 76% of new graduates lack the necessary professional presence to land a meaningful opportunity. 91% of job success comes from having well developed hard, soft, life and people skills. Our curriculum is especially designed to help participants acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to get a job offer. We have more than two decades of research, training, developing and delivering content rich curriculum riddled with effective strategies, tactics, tips and hacks to professionally develop talent which ultimately leads to them landing a job. Campus 2 Careers Workshops helps add value to colleges and universities by supplementing their educational offerings with relevant professional development training modules. We help people develop key skills to find and keep jobs. 91% of workshop participants who attended our workshops secured an internship or full-time employment opportunity within 90 days of attending. We develop tomorrow’s professionals today.


Washington, District of Columbia
United States

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