African American Dance Ensemble


The African American Dance Ensemble has been the leader of traditional African Dance and Music for over 30 years. With innovative and strong approaches to the service of our community for the benefit of Education, Entertaining, Health Initiatives and Outreach, we continue the legacy of Community through the Performing Arts. The African American Dance Ensemble uses dance and music to bring awareness to the inequities in our community and through our ART, create a positive change. Our motto: PEACE! LOVE! RESPECT! FOR EVERYBODY! Picture AFRICAN AMERICAN DANCE ENSEMBLE PERFORMING ARTS * HEALTH EQUITY * YOUTH EMPOWERMENT * DANCE WITH A PURPOSE We dance for peace, we dance for strength. School performances, Board Trainings, Culture Festivals, and many more is where we can enhance community through the Arts. A HEALTHY YOU Through African Dance, learn to become at peace with your body, mind and soul. A healthy you is a happy you! OUR YOUTH IS OUR FUTURE Teaching our children Peace. Love, Respect, today, for Everybody, is creating a better world through the Arts OUR PURPOSE - OUR MISSION - OUR JOY! YOUTH ELDERLY HEALTH DISPARITIES VETERANS RACIAL EQUITY CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE EDUCATION We are the change that we seek! Picture COME DANCE WITH ME!! The African American Dance Ensemble, is proud to announce that we have been named 2016 - 2017 GRANT RECIPIENTS for The Durham Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council Call: 919.560.2729 and begin your journey to the world of Performing Arts TODAY!! AADE KWANZAAFEST 2018 JANUARY 1, 2018 AADE KWANZAAFEST Picture For more information click the link above to go to the KWANZAAFEST PAGE for - PERFORMING -VENDOR AND VOLUNTEERING If you are interested in dancing or playing instruments, please contact the office and leave message. We offer internships and mentoring in the dance world. For more information, please call: 919-560-2729 AADE COUNCIL OF ELDERS The Council of Elders are members of the community who desire to pass on their knowledge and wisdom for the AADE family! The Council helps guide and support our programs and performances. They procession at all major functions and where traditional African Attire. Baba Willie Burt is the President of the Council of Elders and if you are 55 years and older, we invite you to speak with Baba Burt in order to find out how to become a part of the Council


120 Morris Street
Durham, North Carolina 27701
United States

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