Pan-African Nations Debating Championship (PANDC)-2019


This event is for the PANDC 2019 finals tournament. PANDC 2019 regional qualifiers are scheduled from February 2017 to October 2018. Pan-African Nations Debating Championship (PANDC) is open to all national debating teams representing african diaspora & national debating associations registred within Africa Debate Confederation(ADC) and willing to deal with the Pan-African Development of Africa by debating the PAP format ! *Level/Education : No requirement *Number of speakers/team : 7 speakers *Minimum age of speakers : 15 *Debate format : PAP (Pan-African Parliamentary debate format) *TWO COMPETIONS : 1-the main PANDC 2019 : participants teams selected from the PANDC regional qualifiers 2017/2018 from Africa (Four teams from each region : central, eastern, northern, southern, western, diaspora) One team of 7 speakers /country). =>Team cap : 24. =>3 Preliminary rounds => Octo-finals => Quater-finals => Semi-finals => Final 2- the PAP Debate Open 2019 : participants are international teams from any country or debating societies. Team cap : 24. Only university level. same process. More infos will be given later on. Full registration fees : $ 500 USD Contact : Organizers : Africa Debate Confederation/Togo Debate Association & Partners (American Corner Fan Club, ADB, DGA, Les DO, MDA), NGO Phusap & Partners, Even&Co...
When Fri From February 8, 2019 to
February 10, 2019

4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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