Black-Owned Travel Agency for Golfers is the Largest Black Business Directory in the World!

Located in Orlando Florida is a company named DR Golf Vacations; a multi-level golf travel, event and vacation planning company servicing regional and corporate travel experiences.

"It's almost like having a travel agent for golfers!"

This was stated by Ty, the owner and founder of DR Golf Vacations.  DR Golf Vacations plans everything from transportation to and from the airport, to your hotel, spa experience and your off-court excursions as well.  Sometimes there is a lot involved in the planning and other times just a little planning is required, but every client's trip is different.
Why provide this service for golfers and not bowlers?  "All lanes in a bowling alley are the same - the difference is the backdrop" Ty reflected. "Sure. the lanes are the same for bowlers but nothing really changes except whether you rent your bowling ball or bring your own.  Golfers are always interested in layout and the level of difficulty, so we always look for the most challenging courses when we make plans for them," explains Ty.
DR Golf Vacations can plan your golf experience in 
Dominican Republic
Mexico and Central America
Ty continues by sharing, "Through a project partnership we are launching a new aspect of our company just off the Coast of Morocco and the team is open for partnerships and growth."

"I was a part of some golf groups in the early 2000's that wanted to travel, and I became the guy that planned the travel because no one else wanted to do it" Ty stated, while explaining how the company launched.  "I did that for a few years until I was fortunately layed-off from my job.  I was encouraged by my then-wife to relocate to Orlando, Florida and become an entrepreneur.  As a part of that transition, I did enough research to launch full-time, and this upcoming Christmas will be my ninth year of starting this company." 
This company is unique and several satisfied clients can testify to that!
"Travel agents typically, have not been to the location where you want to go.  They select your desired trip from a database of locations and sell you on the concept, based upon the description on the website," Ty explained. 

"I have been to ALL the destinations, I have stayed at the hotels, I can speak intimately about the hotel and help advise the group.  I can actually give advice on the hotel and give unique aspects of it that will satisfy your travel needs.  Our services are more concierge."

"Some people will travel to a golf location and tell you about the course, the clubhouse meals and how soft the bed is, but did they visit the beach or go horseback riding during their trip? We want you to not only travel to the destination of your choice, we want you to experience the trip!" Ty notes.
In addition to the initial company introduction on the website at DR Golf VacationsTy gave us a sneak peek into another company he runs that was launched as a result of a milestone birthday for him. is the ideal starting point to plan that 40th birthday or 50 wedding anniversary.  The website invitingly states: " We offer you expert travel advice and provide you with a detailed proposal with guaranteed cost savings."  Begin planning your special day by calling 866.304.0506.
If you are considering planning a trip for a group, "It's easier to fly direct to Cancun or the Dominican Republic with a quick flight to a wonderful destination.  With the use of the My40th website layaway and payment plans are available as well.  "Our typical client is the person that wants to play golf and be with their friends and desires to travel to new locations as well."
DR Golf Vacations is an African-American owned and operated golf travel agency in the world. It is open for investors and is focused on providing outstanding service for groups, families and corporation!  Send an email to or call 800-490-9434 and get ready to experience the trip of your dreams!

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17 Jan 2018

By Angie Bee
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